About Wiltshire Rose

The tomb of Athelstan at Malmesbury Abbey
The tomb of Athelstan at Malmesbury Abbey; he was acknowledged as the first King of England

Wiltshire Rose was founded in January 2006 primarily as a vehicle for studying and commemorating all things English. The company has a strong and unique focus encompassing all aspects of the country's Anglo-Saxon, medieval and Tudor heritage regardless of modern, geographic boundaries and limitations.

Company Director Paul Wiltshire has written three books about this incredible period in our history; information about his life and work to date can be found by clicking here. It will be abundantly clear to all that the services offered by Wiltshire Rose are underpinned by years of dedicated research and public service. Paul's passion for English history has been transposed into sophisticated and fascinating presentations, which are available for public consumption; more information is available under presentations.

Since 2008, Wiltshire Rose has contributed articles to local newspapers and regional magazines. Paul has been privileged to deliver several broadcasts on BBC Radio Nottingham and has talked about subjects as diverse as the Black Death, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Domesday Book, Magna Carta and Alfred the Great. More information can be found under media.

If you are equally enthused by England's rich and illustrious heritage, then Wiltshire Rose has something for you. From the Venerable Bede and Alfred the Great to Elizabeth I, we can identify the characteristics, which made this country unique. From Beowulf to Chaucer, Shakespeare to Churchill, you will find something here that is forever English.

Since January 2007, 'Wiltshire Rose' & 'English Treasures' have been registered Trade Marks.