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Paul Wiltshire BA (Hons)

Paul Wiltshire BA (Hons)
Paul Wiltshire BA (Hons), director of Wiltshire Rose

Paul Wiltshire was one of England's 'baby boomers'; he was born into a large family in Nottingham but after his father enlisted with the Royal Army Medical Corps, he travelled around the country and spent some of his teenage years in the Middle East.

Paul eventually settled in Southern England and in 1971 he started a 33 year career with the Police Service. His first major assignment was in London at 10 Downing Street, where he undertook protection duties during the premiership of Sir Edward Heath.

In 1974 Paul transferred to the County of Surrey. For more than 10 years, he lived and worked at Runnymede where he saw several of the 'Magna Carta' manuscripts arriving for ceremonies on the banks of the River Thames; those occasions inspired him to study medieval and renaissance history with the Open University.

Throughout his service, Paul specialised in Conflict Management and on that theme, he represented the United Kingdom at international forums; he had the pleasure of working with organisations in Belfast, Continental Europe, Africa and Asia.

For the last 15 years, Paul has directed his energies towards travelling and writing about historical events. After retiring from his first career, he took American and Canadian students on tours of Italy, France and England; the experiences confirmed the esteem in which his home country was held in other parts of the world. Paul was inspired to form a company that would give renewed energy to a glorious culture, which he felt was at risk of being subsumed and forgotten.

It is Paul's greatest ambition to conduct sophisticated tours of England for domestic and international customers. Between 2005 and 2010, he laid solid foundations for his goal by writing three books on English history; they are entitled 'Why England', 'Whose England' and 'Which England'. Paul is presently looking for a publisher and more information about his works can be found under books.

Paul has been a sportsman for most of his life and enjoyed some success as a junior athlete. He took up canoeing in later years and went on to complete a number of ultra marathons. Whilst he maintains a high standard of fitness, he has accepted graciously that his competitive days are behind him.