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When Henry met Di

A strange coincidence of dates brought an end to the lives of two iconic figures, who influenced English history and culture in very different ways. Their deaths, separated by 575 years, occurred on 31st August within the same European city and on the same day of the week.  Both were in their mid thirties. On

Mixed Blessings for the Tudors and England

Throughout the centuries, 29th August has been a busy, interesting and influential day. Here are some examples… On 29th August 1350, the naval Battle of Winchelsea took place off the south coast of England.  An English fleet of about 50 ships led by King Edward III and his son the ‘Black Prince’, defeated an attack by

For ever England…..

Today, we commemorate the poet Rupert Chawner Brooke, who was born in Rugby, Warwickshire on 3rd August 1887. Brooke is best known for the poetry, which he wrote during the First World War, particularly ‘The Soldier’, a sonnet that he penned in 1914. If I should die, think only this of me:That there’s some corner

Murder in the Forest ? Who was red faced ?

On 2nd August 1100 King William II aka ‘William Rufus’, so called because of his ruddy complexion and red hair, rode out from Winchester on a hunting expedition in the ‘New Forest’. The King was accompanied by several noblemen and his younger brother Henry, {the future successor Henry I}.  although he didn’t know it, this