Provided are various audio recordings featuring the director of Wiltshire Roses, Paul Wiltshire, discussing various historical moments throughout English history. This page will be updated periodically as Paul gives more talks.

BBC Radio Nottingham

The following sound files contain archive recordings of Paul Wiltshire talking to presenters on BBC Radio Nottingham about aspects of English history. The material is always available 'live' or for 7 days after broadcast via the BBC Radio Nottingham website.

To keep the context of Pauls conversations with the host, the full show is provided and not just the segments with Paul.

28th September 2010 - BBC Radio Nottingham - William the Conqueror

Paul spoke live on BBC Radio Nottingham to Amanda Bowman about William the Conqueror.

8th March 2010 - BBC Radio Nottingham - Anglo-Saxons

Paul spoke live on BBC Radio Nottingham to Jo Davies about the migration of the Anglo-Saxons.

29th December 2009 - BBC Radio Nottingham - The Domesday book

Paul spoke to presenter John Holmes on BBC Radio Nottingham about the oldest survey in the world, 'The Domesday Book'.

30th November 2009 - BBC Radio Nottingham - Anglo-Saxon chronicles

Paul Wiltshire was interviewed by John Holmes on BBC Radio Nottingham about one of England's most important manuscripts, 'The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle'.